If you haven't heard yet, my camera was stolen while en route to one of our adventure destinations (where I was obviously going to use it).


The photo at the top of this page was taken with my phone after climbing to the top of the highest point in Costa Rica, one day after my gear was taken.

I can't even begin to express how disheartening it is to have something you care about deeply taken thoughtlessly from your life. 😔

Photography has, and always will be, a passion in my life, and to think that someone or something (let's just call it evil) can prevent that from happening not only infuriates me 😡, it also makes me laugh a little. 😅

I can't say this process will be easy, but I can guarantee that something good will come of this situation.

If you do support me, know that you are not only supporting the work that I do, you are supporting my ability and opportunity to have a positive and life-giving influence with every person I encounter.

How to support

If you are here wondering how you can offer your support, thank you!

Please see the options below...


If you prefer to offer your support in another way, such as an e-transfer, or maybe an encouraging message, simply use the email photos@raypenner.ca.

You guys rock!

I plan to be shooting again very soon...

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