I suppose what we should be asking first is...

What is wall art??

Well, according to mymove.com, the first result in my google search, wall art is "that finishing element that can help pull a space together and make it feel complete," something that makes your room look like it belongs in a magazine, something that matches the decor of the room and that you are happy to have hang for years to come.

Sounds about right to me...

Except my goal isn't that I help your space get on the cover of an interior design magazine, though I would certainly be happy if that were to happen.

My goal is a little more personal, something that is sure to increase the quality of your life and enrich the lives of others.

What I want to offer you, at the moment, is not what many are already currently offering, which is more abstract. You know, those pieces of art that have a bunch of colours and textures that go well with a room, but which you may not necessarily have a personal connection to. Sure, they look great, and they help a lot when you are staging a property to sell or to impress, but is there meaning to these images for you? Meaning beyond what you may abstract from the image?

If it were me, I would line the walls of my home with images that remind me of important moments throughout my life, images I can connect to and be inspired by.

I want to offer you something more personal...something that looks great on your wall and you have a deep emotional connection with. Something you can enjoy in your home, and then pass down to a family member or loved one to prolong that memory.

I'm talking about photos like:

  • you, your family, or loved ones
  • places you have been, like travel destinations, or just special places in your home town or province/state.

And I'm not just talking 8x10s, which may be the largest kind of photo in your home.

And that's not your fault! You probably grew up like the most of us, thinking that the 8x10 was the quintessential photo to order from your photographer or to print from your own images.

But there are better...and BIGGER...options out there, sizes ranging from 11x14 to 30x40 and beyond. I have a 24x36 canvas of a rushing river that I visited hanging in our home, and it looks amazing. What makes it even more meaningful to me is that I was the one who took that photo and had the experience.

What I'm trying to say here is that I can offer these sorts of custom wall art photos for you, and I can help you through the whole process of getting a personal and meaningful piece of wall art that fits and coordinates well in the space you are thinking of.

We can literally sit down (in person or virtually) and look at the space where you want the photo, figure out what size and colour scheme it needs to be, and then find a photo that will work well in that space. This can be a photo I have already taken from a previous photo session with you, or a photo I have taken while travelling, or we could book a session to literally create that photo you are looking for! How exciting! Creativity at its best!

I don't know about you, but when I put up large canvases or other prints on the walls of my home that I can connect to, it makes all the difference.

Let me explain...I am a very visual person. Put an amazing landscape photo in front of my eyes, and my mind will wander through that landscape. Put an amazing landscape photo that I took before my eyes, and I will fully relive the moments leading up to the photo, how I felt in that location and in that time of my life. Put a great candid photo of a family member in front of me, and I will totally remember what happened to create that moment, and the energy and emotion attached with it.

If you're not already aware, documentary photography is where it's at for me.

I feel there are a number of kinds of photography that fall under this category, one of them being candids. I love to capture moments of people that show their genuine selves, that aren't staged, yet have an alluring and enduring quality to them. These are the kind of photos that you will only have an instant to capture, and that may never be repeatable again, but they will be instant favourites because they're so darn authentic...I can get those kinds of photos.

There are other kinds of photography I also enjoy, which I feel also fall under the documentary category--in which I'm just there capturing what's going on without being directly involved--such as landscapes and events (including triathlon!).

When I see these photos enlarged, I am amazed every time. I am even more proud to find a great place in my home to hang them.

How would you like to experience the same sort of thing?

How meaningful would it be for you to have a photo of someone on your wall that you care deeply about, a photo that you will cherish forever and just enjoy admiring? Maybe it's even a photo of yourself, in a state that encourages or reminds you of the kind of person you want to be for others.

How cool would it be to have a travel photo on your wall that represents a place you have been, something large enough to fully appreciate the location and experience it like you are still there?

I know I want these things for you, but I want you to want them for yourself.

If you or someone you know may be interested in decorating their home with some wall art, please get in touch with the form below. There will be no pressure to buy or commit to anything when you submit the form, but someone (most likely myself) will get in touch with you to find out what you are interested in and to see if that is something we can help you out with!

A whole new world awaits you.

I'm new to wall art. I might be interested. I have questions.

What kinds of wall art are you currently offering?

Canvas prints, metal panel prints (on aluminum), and metallic paper prints.

There are other options available upon request.

How big does the wall art need to be? What sizes do you offer?

The size of wall art you need will depend totally on the look of the space and the actual size of the wall the photo will go on.

Sizes currently offered:

- Canvas (metallic print): up to 24x48"

- Canvas (inkjet print): up to 40x50"

- Metallic paper print: up to 30x40"

- Metal panels (aluminum): up to 20x30"

Connect with me using the form below and we can figure it out together!

How do I figure out what kind of photo will work best in the space that I want it in?

If you are stuck, you can contact me and we can figure it out together!

I want to be your one-stop expert to help you figure out what kind of photo will work in your room (colour, size, etc) and then to help you find such a photo from either my gallery or from us creating it in our very own custom photo session!

...or you can try on your own and look up articles and blogs online, but not sure you have that kind of time or energy. :)

How long does wall art last?

Well, provided it doesn't fall or get subjected to objects being thrown at it, a metal print could last virtually forever.
I haven't lived long enough to know how long a canvas print can hold up, but given how there is still canvas art hanging in museums from many, many years ago, I'd say a long time!

For metallic prints, not sure, given they have only been offered recently, but I would imagine the colour would last longer than on a canvas.
For a canvas, they say the colour may begin to fade after about 75 years, but there is a way to preserve the colour of your canvas!
Just go online and search for canvas varnish, or giclee sealer, or giclee gloss coating.

How do you hang wall art?

Depends how big/heavy it is. For the most part, I have always erred on the side of providing much more support than would be necessary, such as finding a wall stud (in a home) and putting a nail or screw into that. This is in an ideal world.

In the real world, the only place your photo may work may be in a place where the fastener would have to go where there is only drywall, for example.

In this case, I can help you figure out what sort of fastener would work best, or you could also go to your local home store to search their assortment of wall hanger fasteners. Be sure to look at how much weight those fasteners can hold!

How much of an investment is wall art?

Depends on the type and size you are looking for. You can browse the wall art shop to get an idea (using the link above or in the menu) or you can connect via the contact form on this site for more info.

Where is the wall art produced?

We support local!

How strong/sturdy is wall art? Is it easy to break or damage?

Metal panels are going to be very resilient, for obvious reasons.

Canvas prints can hold up too, provided they don't fall from too high a height, and provided that they don't fall or are subjected to an object that has the ability to puncture or otherwise damage the canvas fabric.

A metallic print is the same as any other ordinary print (it is not a metal print, but it has a metallic look)...its strength will depend on if/how it is mounted, or whether or not it is put into a frame.

How resistant to weathering is wall art?

If it's in your house, a very long time...we're talking around 75 or more years. (See the other question above about how long wall art can last.)

If it's outside, metal prints are going to be much more resistant to weathering, especially out in the open. Sure, you can hang or mount canvas/fabric prints outside if you are feeling confident, just make sure it's in a protected space!

I would like to know more!

If you are interested in wall art for your home or office please connect using this form.

In the message section, it would be helpful to know what sort of wall prints you are looking for, whether it's landscape, cityscape, portrait, or maybe photos I already have of you from a previous session.