When can I view photos from our shoot?

I strive to upload photos as soon as possible, but in general these are the expected wait times:
- portraits (1-3 business days)
- weddings (1-2 weeks)
- triathlons and sporting events (2-5 business days)

You will receive an email when they are ready.

Can anyone else see my photos?

If your photos were taken at a public event, yes. Public events may require an email to enter, or nothing at all.
Otherwise, your gallery will have private access, and only the cover photo may be visible in the gallery. If someone tries to access it, they will need a password.

If you prefer that your gallery is "hidden", please let me know before or during our shoot.

Can I share gallery photos to social media?

You when you select or mouse-over a photo, you will see the sharing icon (a curved arrow).

Can I purchase photos online?

I am a fan of keeping in stride with today's technology, and I am proud to provide the ability for you to view and purchase photos from a session online.

How long will my photos remain online?

Unless otherwise indicated in an email, photos are up forever!

How will my photos be used?

Except under certain circumstances, by special request, any photos taken by RPP may be used for purposes including but not limited to social media, publications, print, wall art, advertising, and promotion.
Best discretion will be used when choosing photos, with the goal being that the RPP brand image is represented well and you look good!
If you have a concern regarding your image appearing online please contact us as soon as possible.

I see the option to purchase all digitals from an event, but I can only choose one photo. Is that right?

Yes. Due to the current structure of the gallery store, and to make things more convenient for you, you only need to choose/select one photo when you are getting all of your digitals from an event.

For example, if ALL you want is all of your digitals simply go to any photo of yours, select the cart icon, choose the all digitals option, and complete the checkout.

For any "all digitals" option, there is one more step to the process...

To help expedite the process of getting your photos to you, especially if it was a large event and there are thousands of photos, please begin making a favourites list of all photos of yourself before OR after your purchase (preferably before).

I viewed the gallery cart, but I don't see the option I am interested in...

Please contact me for specialized packages and options.