About Me

I am a Canadian photographer, and through a love of adventure have found myself in many wonderful places.

I am drawn toward inspirational portrait and documentary photography, beautiful real estate, and great landscapes.

I have a way of making you feel comfortable and relaxed, allowing you to be yourself during the whole experience.

I love to capture the moment: the facial reaction, the emotion, the scene, or the expression that only occurs over the span of a split second and will never happen the same way again.

I am passionate about my work, creating timeless images, and developing meaningful relationships with the people I meet.

A little more about me...

I like hiking to places like Lake Agnes, AB.

Why not get a nice photo while I'm biking?

Sometimes I like to stop while driving and take photos. Road trips tend to take a little longer with me.

It's never a bad time to stop and take photos of wind turbines.

I do what it takes to get the shot.

I like to get in on the action.

I love being in the mountains and especially love the look of a calm lake. This happens to be in the Kananaskis area, AB.

I love the fresh mountain air. A nice view is a bonus. This is in the Waterton Lakes area, AB.

Would love to connect with you!