Custom photo books now available

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Custom photo books now available

Click HERE to find out more!

The (Triathlon) Vision

First and foremost, we are inspired by you triathletes every single year! We realize there are many challenges and sacrifices made to prepare for each event.

This is why we want our event photos to capture the emotion you feel while you race. We want our photos to have meaning, so that when you reflect on them you can say, "That is actually how I felt when I came out of the water," or, "Hey, I actually look happy when I race," or, "Wow, I look amazing!"

We want you to be able to enjoy and look back on these photos for years to come, even passing them to the next generation to be inspired by!

triathlon girl at finish line hands in air Hecla Manitoba Ray Penner Photography

Beat The Cold!

We are excited to be at the event this year. Don't really know what it's going to be like taking photos in the cold, but it's for a good cause! A portion of photo sales will be donated to 1JustCity. :)


Photo Team

Coming soon!

Questions you may have...

How long have you been doing photography for triathlons?

Officially, since 2016. Unofficially, since around 2008.

What got you started?

I find triathletes inspiring. I also love photography. Put them together and the magic happens!

How long does it typically take to start seeing your photos after an event?

Well, we aim to start posting photos within two days following the event. In the past, it has taken at least one week to get through all the photos in a gallery, but we are working on our strategy to cut this time down to 1 or 2 days.

What type of photos do you provide from the event?

Digitals and prints. There is the opportunity to have your race time printed on your photos as well. There are also packages to help you save. For special orders, such as canvas prints, or maybe a special 3-photo option (i.e. swim-bike-run), please contact and I would be happy to provide more info. Honestly, I would love to see these photos printed in large format on your walls! They need to be seen!

How much do you charge for photos?

The investment starts around $10 for a print and $18 for a digital download.

I see that the photo gallery from my event is online. Now what?

My recommendation is to look through the photos and start choosing your favourites. You can make more than one favourites list, depending on what your needs are (maybe one for social media sharing, one for ordering prints, etc). Remember that you can also share photos directly from the gallery using that arrow icon when viewing a photo!

How come I can't search up my photos by name/bib number?

As much as I would like to provide that feature, the web service I currently use does not support it. What I have done, to compensate for this, is offer the photos for purchase at a reduced price compared to the industry average, as a thank you for taking your time to look through the gallery and create your own personalized favourites list from which you can make orders. :)

I came back to the gallery and I can't find the list of favourites that I made previously...

Ensure you are using the same email that you used before. When you enter the gallery, select the Favourites or "heart" option from the main menu, enter in the email you made the list with, and you will be taken to your favourites list.

Maybe you have done the above and you still are not able to access it? Send me an email, Facebook/Instagram message, or connect with me through this site and I can let you know which email you used. Yes, I can see your favourites list(s) as well, which helps me greatly when fulfilling orders and creating custom packages!

Why do you charge for photos? They should be free!

Well, I hate to disappoint, but there is a value placed on these photos. :)

First of all, I don't know about you, but whenever I get something for free I do not treat or value it the same way as something I spent money on. If you are given a brand new, up-to-date cell phone...for free...I guarantee you that it will get handled differently than if you spent the money to purchase it! I know I would. Oops! It fell to the ground and the screen cracked. was free. I'll just get another one.

Second, there is A LOT of work that goes into the beautiful photo gallery you see from events. You may not be aware, but there can be some 3000-6000 photos from a single event that need to be downloaded, converted, culled, cropped, enhanced, straightened, and then uploaded again to the gallery (which is also a service that I pay for). This can make for the total time spent to be around 5x whatever the length of the event was. So if the event was 4 hours, there may be 20 total hours spent producing what you see. This total time can easily be increased if there are more photographers at the event. Speaking of those wonderful photographer people that I bring along to capture photos, they take time out of their day to be at the event, bring expensive equipment that will be subjected to wear and tear, and bring the sum total of their own unique photographic experience...all to support the vision of providing you with high quality captures of the best moments of your day.

So yes, there is a price on these photos, but think of it as an investment in preserving and sharing your memories and special moments, as well as a way to support us to continue doing what we love to do!

And for any charity events I do photography for...come on! We're raising money for a good cause! :)