Photo taken on the summit of Cerro Chirripó, Costa Rica, one day after my camera gear was stolen. Image taken with the last tool I had left, my phone.

Update (Dec, 2019):

I want to thank all of those who gave their support!

Not only did financial (and other encouraging) support come from many, but I was also able to receive funds through insurance.

So guess what?

The camera set up that I decided on in the better than the one that was stolen. How about that for a kick in the [insert choice of body part here]?

So while the whole experience of having something important to me stolen was quite crushing, I can now look at that event in a positive ended in a forced upgrade to my gear, and I can't argue with that! I reflect on the header image for this page, and am thankful that I was able to rise above it all (with some help, of course).

Since acquiring the new gear, I have been able to capture many great moments, including triathlons, family photos, portraits, landscapes, and headshots. I don't plan on stopping anytime and exciting things are on the horizon.

...and so the journey continues.

Much love and respect!


Original story:


If you haven't heard yet, my camera was stolen while en route to one of our adventure destinations (where I was obviously going to use it).


The photo at the top of this page was taken with my phone after climbing to the top of the highest point in Costa Rica, one day after my gear was taken.

I can't even begin to express how disheartening it is to have something you care about deeply taken thoughtlessly from your life. 😔

Photography has, and always will be, a passion in my life, and to think that someone or something (let's just call it evil) can prevent that from happening not only infuriates me 😡, it also makes me laugh a little. 😅

I can't say this process will be easy, but I can guarantee that something good will come of this situation.

If you do support me, know that you are not only supporting the work that I do, you are supporting my ability and opportunity to have a positive and life-giving influence with every person I encounter.

You're amazing!

Don't forget it.