Photo Books!

Wouldn't it be nice to have a photo book to treasure all of your special moments? Wouldn't it be even better if you didn't have to do any of the designing, formatting, and ordering?

Then allow me to create a beautiful book for you!

Some common themes to consider for your book: your photos by year, you and your family member's photos for one year, your photos over a few years, or your photos from a particular event over a few years. There are lots of options!

Check out a few sample pages from a recent order (photos occur in random order, not the same as in the book they are from):

I'm interested!

To take the next step, please complete the following:

(Please include a bit of your vision for your photo book, such as size, quality, and design)


Can I order a photo book from the Gallery?

Yes! Look for it in the Gallery cart, under Albums.

​Can I get photos from multiple events/sessions put into one album?

The first step is to make sure you have a favourites list from each event/session you would like in the album.
The last step is to pick ANY ONE event, go to one of your photos (ex. from your favourites list), select the cart icon, go to the photo book option you want, and add it to the cart. It's okay that there is only one photo selected for the package. I will use your favourites lists to create the album.

What if I want more than the default 24 pages?

​Contact me and I will give you a quote!

​How long will it take to get my album?

​Depending on the amount of orders, and the time of year, the shipping of your book may take longer than expected. For example, ordering in December will surely be at risk for delays.
Typically, once an order is placed, it will be sent to the printer after 2-3 days, after which it will take another few days to process, and then be shipped (3-10 business days, depending on the option you choose).
To summarize, you could get your book in as little as 8-10 days, depending on how quickly the design process goes, and providing there are no delays in shipping from the printer.

What kind of options are there for the cover?

Currently, you can choose a black or gray cover, or you can have a photo cover (addl. charge).
It is a hardcover.

What book sizes do you offer?

Currently, these sizes are offered (LxH):



How is the book designed?

The book is designed in such a way that your photos are featured in the most suitable way. Depending on the amount of photos and pages you choose (see FAQ question above), some pages may have more photos on them than others. We use our best discretion when laying out your photos in the book.
A simple design is used, to draw attention to what matters (the photos). This means that the addition of any text will be by special request (such as location, race times, etc).
You can be as involved or uninvolved in the design process as you wish. While we do recommend sending a preview of your album before it is printed, you can certainly request to be surprised and be wowed by viewing it in person.

Why should I get a book?

Photo books may be something new to you, or something you have never thought of or been interested in before.
And that's okay!
One can never really know the significance of a photo book until they order one and go through it with their own hands, seeing each photo and the memory it holds and experiencing those emotions all over again.
Posting photos to social media is one thing, but holding a photo in your hands...that is something special.
I encourage you to try it out for yourself and prove me wrong. :)

The book seems kinda pricey to me. Why?

Well, a lot of things go into creating a photo book:
- the time, expertise, and equipment used in capturing the photos
- the time taken to filter through the photos and present the best ones in a paid-for online gallery, for your viewing convenience.
- the time taken to correspond with you regarding your photo book
- the time taken to design the book in such a way that all of the best photos are featured in a fitting way
- the cost of producing and shipping the book itself
- the fact that each book is essentially a unique piece of art, having its own inherent value, something that will last a very long time and can be passed down through generations

If this still doesn't answer your question, then maybe a photo book isn't for you right now. :)